Dier en Zorg Plan

A healthy and happy life for your pet

Prevention is better than cure. The Dier en Zorg Plan focuses on your pet’s health. By offering preventative healthcare to your dog or cat, you can prevent them from becoming ill. You’ll keep parasites out and protect your pet against infectious animal diseases - which lowers the health care costs in the long run. The Dier en Zorg Plan is an annual subscription. By paying a monthly fee you will save on your annual fixed veterinary costs. For example, vaccines and health checks are covered by the Dier en Zorg Plan, as well as anti-parasitic medication.

The Dier en Zorg Plan makes it easier for you to monitor your pet’s health. Additionally, you will save

How does the Dier en Zorg Plan work?

The Dier en Zorg Plan is paid on a monthly schedule by means of direct debit. During your subscription you
can collect the products from the Dier en Zorg Plan at no additional cost. As you know, we attach great
importance to disease prevention, which is why the Dier en Zorg Plan also includes regular health checks.
Medical problems can be recognized at an early stage or may even be prevented. This extends the life of your
pet! The Dier en Zorg Plan is a preventive health plan, which means it is not an insurance! If you wish, you
can take out insurance for unforeseen costs in addition to the Dier en Zorg Plan. We will be happy to inform
you further.

Save on fixed veterinary costs

Within the Dier en Zorg Plan you can opt for a Basic Package or a Plus Package. The Basic Package includes all standard annual preventative treatments. With the Plus Package your pet can receive all kinds of additional preventive care treatments.

The full Dier en Zorg Plan package for your dog and cat can be found at the bottom of the page.

The Dier en Zorg Plan offers the following treatments:

  • Health check by your veterinarian 
    In order to keep a close eye on the health of your pet, your vet will examine your pet twice a year. The vet will perform a general physical examination. This examination includes checking the teeth, eyes, ears, coat and for ectoparasites such as fleas and/or mites. During one of the health checks the vet will, if desired, administer the annual standard vaccinations and any additional vaccinations so that your pet is protected for another year against dangerous diseases!
  • Annual standard vaccinations
    Once a year, the required standard vaccinations are administered during one of the health checks. It is important to protect your pet against life-threatening diseases. Every year your dog gets the small cocktail, a vaccination against Weil's disease and every three years the large cocktail, against Weil's disease and DHP (Distemper, Hepatitis and Parvo). Cats are vaccinated against sneezing disease annually, and against both sneezing disease and feline distemper once every three years.
  • Deworming products 
    The guideline for deworming is four times per subscription year, depending on the individual pet. The frequency may therefore vary. The ESCCAP standard is used for this. The products for deworming are determined by your veterinary clinic. For more information, please contact the veterinary clinic.
  • Flea and/or tick treatment
    Preventive treatment against fleas and ticks is extremely important. Fleas and ticks can cause skin problems in your pet and spread diseases. Your veterinarian will advise you which product to use. The frequency of these treatments depends on the products used. The products are made available per individual pet for one subscription year.
  • Dental cleaning
    The dental cleaning is offered at a discount once per subscription year. The costs of anaesthetics, possible extractions, X-rays and medication for dental cleaning are not included.
  • Preventive blood test 
    The (internal) preventive blood test is offered at a discount once per subscription year. With the blood test, abnormalities, such as kidney and liver diseases, can be detected in time. 
  • Preventive urinalysis
    The (internal) preventive urinalysis is offered at a discount once per subscription year. It looks at the concentration, protein, glucose, acidity and sediment in your pet's urine. Through this examination, an infection, urinary calculi and/or diabetes can be detected at an early stage.
  • Selected foods
    The best food at an attractive price. The Dier en Zorg Plan gives you a discount on selected foods. This discount is calculated on the purchase price of the selected foods offered by your vet clinic. The discount relates to both maintenance food and specific diet food.
  • Supplementary vaccinations
    The supplementary vaccinations are offered at a discount in the Dier en Zorg Plan. These supplementary vaccinations give your pet extra protection against dangerous diseases, for example when your pet goes to a pension or abroad.  The additional vaccinations include the Bordetella bronchiseptica (cat), bordetella for kennel cough and/or rabies.
  • Appointment with the veterinary nurse
    For a number of preventive treatments, you will be helped by the veterinary nurse at the animal clinic. For this, an appointment must be made at the clinic. There is no maximum frequency for appointments with a vet nurse.

Ask at the desk of our veterinary clinic or visit www.dierenzorgplan.nl for more information.

The full Dier en Zorg Plan package for your dog and cat can be found at the bottom of the page.

The Dier en Zorg Plan is not an insurance

The Dier en Zorg Plan offers the best preventive care. Curative care is not part of the Dier en Zorg Plan. Curative care is care that has a healing effect. For curative care an animal insurance policy offers the solution. Please contact the veterinary clinic for more information.

Monthly subscription fee

  • Cat Basic - €16,95

  • Dog Basic - €19,95

  • Cat Plus - €26,95

  • Dog Plus - €29,95

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Full contents of package dog + cat

See below the full package contents of het Dier en Zorg Plan for your dog and cat.

Dier en Zorg Plan: Dog + Cat Basic Plus
Dental cleaning (1x per year)* 10% discount  
Preventive (internal) blood test (1x per year) 10% discount  
Preventive (internal) urinalysis (1x per year) 10% discount  
Selected food 10% discount
Health check-up vet (2x per year) 100% discount
Basic vaccinations (during health check-up) 100% discount
Infectious dog cough vaccination (during health check-up) 100% discount
Worming products 100% discount
Flea and/or tick products 100% discount    
Paraveterinary appointment 100% discount, including:
•  Nail clipping
•  Dental check
•  Feeding advice
Additional vaccinations (during health check)** 25% discount  
Dental cleaning (1x per year)* 100% discount           
Preventive (internal) blood test (1x per year) 100% discount  
Preventive (internal) urinalysis (1x per year) 100% discount       
* Excluding anaesthesia, extractions, X-rays and medication
** Bordetella bronchiseptica (cat) and rabies