Because we want to offer sufficient attention and care to every pet, we work by appointment only. Appointments can be made at the counter, by telephone on 020 - 6443089 or online.

You can pick up food and/or medicines without an appointment during our opening hours.

Unfortunately, we cannot stock all products, but we can order many products for you. Orders should be placed with us no later than Monday, the ordered products can then be picked up the following Friday (unless they are not in stock at our suppliers, in which case you will be called as soon as your order has arrived).


Recently, it has become increasingly common for owners not to show up for their appointments. As a result, (valuable) time is lost. If you are unable to attend, you should always contact us, if possible 24 hours in advance. Another patient can then be helped instead of your animal. Unexpected situations can always arise, which we of course fully understand. If you do not show up for your appointment without a valid reason, we will charge a booking fee. This booking fee will not be covered by your pet insurance, if any.

To avoid unnecessary costs, please cancel on time!

If you have a preference for a veterinarian, please let us know by phone.

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