Your vet would like to take an X-ray of your pet.

This may be necessary to support a diagnosis or for diagnostic purposes. For example:

  • Bone fractures
  • Foreign objects in the stomach and intestines
  • Blockages, tumors, etc.
  • To see if an instituted therapy has had the right result.

Sometimes it is necessary for your pet to remain sober when a light anaesthetic is needed to take good X-rays. X-rays are dangerous; protective lead clothing and lead gloves must be worn during the examination. It is therefore unfortunately not possible for owners to be present during this.


Ultrasound is done with an echograph, which sends sound waves that we cannot hear through the body, this is ultrasound. The reflection of the sound waves is measured and so the inside of the body is visualized on a monitor. This gives the vet information about the organs to be examined. So no X-rays are used now, so it is harmless. Examination of the bladder may require it to be full for the examination. And ultrasound may also require your pet to remain sober.

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