Wietske Wiersma

Veterinary nurse

Wietske Wiersma - Veterinary nurse
Wietske Wiersma Veterinary nurse

I graduated as a skilled animal carer from Wellant College in 2019. Through internships, I ended up at animal clinic Buitenveldert and have strengthened the team since January 2018. Meanwhile, I obtained my paraveterian diploma at the Aeres Training Centre Barneveld.

In daily life, my interests lie in photography and doing fun things with my boyfriend and girlfriends. At home, I have two dogs, four cats, three chickens, eleven tortoises and two green iguanas. So I am always busy with animals in everyday life.

What I love about my work is that it is varied and that I get to work with my passion every day. I therefore hope to develop even further in this profession. You can find me behind the counter and on the phone. I also assist during operations and during surgery.